Aspek Sosial Budaya Masyarakat Suku Sasak Lombok dan Nilai Pendidikan Novel Sri Rinjani Karya Eva Nourma: Sebuah Kajian Sosiologi Sastra // The Sociocultural Aspects of the Sasak Culture of Lombok and Educational Values in the Novel Sri Rinjani by Eva Nourma: A Study in the Sociology of Literature

  • Alpan Ahmadi Universitas Sebelas Maret
  • Nugraheni Eko Wardani
  • Ani Rakhmawati


This study describes and discusses the sociocultural aspects of the novel Sri Rinjani by Eva Nourma and considers the educative value of the text as part of current school curriculum. The novel, which is set against a background of the Sasak culture and society, shows the life of ordinary people who work as farmers, fishermen, laborers and cattle herders. The level of education in the community is low, but the manifestation of traditional practices associated with adat is strong. The novel depicts the religious life of the community, whose members are Muslim, and also shows a number of values that are currently associated with character education in Indonesia. The novel shows how these and other characteristics that are integral to Indonesian society are expressed in the daily life of people in one part of the country. In addition to providing a discussion of these issues, This article also details how this text can be used as part of the literature curriculum for students at the secondary level.